Building the movement

to house LA.

Housing must be part of the conversation in order to overcome many of our biggest challenges.


Segregation persists in LA. Decades of discriminatory housing practices – explicit and implicit – have left communities of color relegated to often underserved areas of the region.


Opposition to denser housing in job-rich areas of LA County has locked millions into long commutes by car, worsening climate change. Not to mention that heat waves and wildfires in sprawling suburbs continue to pose a threat to property and human life.


A 2020 study by USC found that a majority of renters surveyed had to cut back on basic needs like food, and nearly half went into debt to pay rent over the past two years.

How we can help to end the housing crisis, together:

Education and outreach

Attend monthly housing panel discussions for deep dives into the diverse facets of housing. Learn more about LA’s housing history with our monthly Housing 101 training.

Project advocacy

Advocate for projects that bring housing and center equity in their proposals through robust tenant protections and affordable units.

Training and empowerment

Organize for housing in your own neighborhood. We provide training, tools, and guidance.

Policies and legislation

Advocate at the city, county, and state levels for policies and legislation that facilitate building housing. Our policy team tracks and analyzes legislation thoroughly before taking a position. Check out our Legislation Tracker here.