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Hi friend,

A few weeks ago we asked you to help us advocate for the Reese Davidson Community. This is a planned development by the Venice Community Housing Corporation. It would being 140 units of affordable and supportive housing to one of the areas of our city hit hardest by the housing crisis. Fully half of the units would be set aside for formerly homeless individuals, a quarter for low-income artists, and a quarter for other low-income people. 

It’s an amazing project, and so desperately needed. Of course, NIMBYs are on the move. They’re eager to shut it down. They’re calling it “the monster.” For them, 140 units for formerly unhoused and low-income people is a “monster,” to be feared. Ick.

So we’re sending more letters! Please help us send a clear message to local leaders: stand on the side of those most in need of housing. 

I visited the site on Friday and put together some footage to give you a better idea of what this community could look like. Check it out.

Thank you. I hope you’ll join us!

Esteban, AHLA Communications Manager


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