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About Abundant Housing LA

Abundant Housing LA is a 501(c)4 organization dedicated to making Los Angeles County a more affordable, diverse, and vibrant region where everyone can afford a place to live. We view land use and zoning as tools to increase racial and economic equity and growth, sustainability, and quality of life.

We advocate for more housing of all types, send letters and show up at meetings to speak out in favor of new housing projects. We also conduct research and educate the public as well as elected officials on the benefits of more housing. As a 501(c)4 organization, we also engage in political activity to support pro-housing candidates for office.

Together with the Abundant Housing LA Education Fund, our 501(c)3 partner organization, we are the YIMBY (Yes In My Backyard) voice for LA County.

A small group of NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) Angelenos sanctify housing scarcity and stand in the way of more affordable housing for Angelenos. We instead stand for a Los Angeles with abundant housing near good jobs and accessible to convenient, sustainable transit.

Abundant Housing LA began as an all-volunteer organization in 2016, and while we’ve grown over the years, most of our on-the-ground work is still done by volunteers. Reach out to get involved and join the party!

Read our Policy Agenda.

Abundant Housing LA is a volunteer-driven organization. Read about our Volunteer Steering Committee here!

Abundant Housing LA does not accept donations from housing developers or their land use consultants. This is to prevent any conflict of interest on the part of our organization. In order to prevent donations from these sources, we investigate donations of significant value which we define as over $1000.00 total per year. Individuals who are employees of a development company are permitted to purchase a personal supporting membership to the organization in order to attend members-only events, but contributions must be limited to below $1000.00 per year per company. If you have any questions about our donation policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

If you have a housing project that you would like to submit to us, please use this form.

Thank you to our Major Donors! You make this work possible. To donate to AHLA, click here!

Abundant Housing LA is committed to centering racial and economic justice in all of our work. Read our statement.

AHLA Staff

  • Leonora Camner, Executive Director

    Leonora leads the organization day to day, building greater support for the growing network of AHLA volunteers who help us support housing. In addition to being a YIMBY, Leonora is a believer in RHNA, the housing element process, and the need to create funding for housing subsidies.

    Leonora has been a member and volunteer of Abundant Housing LA since 2016. She is a long-time advocate for more housing and more affordable housing. She is currently serving on the Santa Monica Housing Commission.

    Outside of Abundant Housing LA, Leonora is a mom of two girls. Previously, she was an attorney working in the non-profit sector to defend tenants from eviction. Additionally, she worked for the No on Measure LV Campaign in Santa Monica against an extreme anti-development ballot measure. She graduated from the University of Texas School of Law. For undergraduate studies, she attended New York University.

  • Esteban García, Communications Manager

    Esteban manages Abundant Housing LA’s communications, from its social media presence to its engagement with digital and traditional media outlets. He works to spread our message that everyone benefits from more housing and a denser Los Angeles.

    In addition to a strong belief in housing as a human right, Esteban brings prior experience in anti-hunger, LGBT+, and environmental advocacy, both professional and personal. He joins the organization after concluding his graduate studies, where he gained an appreciation for the power of good urban planning in the advancement of social justice. After years spent in Washington, D.C. and the UK, he is back and eager to help make his hometown more liveable, sustainable, and fair.

    In his free time, he likes to walk and cycle around LA as much as possible, and is a true believer in the need for more and better transit. While an enthusiastic urbanist, Esteban also appreciates closeness to nature. He’s a proponent of urban farming, inspired by the visionary urban planners of the past.

    Esteban holds a B.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and an M.Phil in Planning, Growth, and Regeneration from the University of Cambridge.

  • Roderick Hall, Director of Organizing

    Roderick oversees Abundant Housing LA’s organizing efforts, and works to engage our members and volunteers in pro-housing outreach, while building pro-housing coalitions for change. Additionally, Roderick works with local pro-housing groups to create educational events and to empower people to make their voices heard on the housing crisis.
    Roderick was raised in Armour, NC and has always been a lover of people, places, (most recently) animals, and of course urban spaces! His ideal city would be akin to what Hannah Beachler envisioned when she created Wakanda, a ‘lush, textural, and tactical, with a rich variety of architectural styles, building densities, and transportation systems.’ When he’s not working or reading about equity & racial justice; land use & zoning; affordable housing finance; or urban planning you can find him somewhere out exploring his built and natural environment. He’s excited to help make LA an affordable place for all that is planned by all.
    Roderick holds a B.S. in Philosophy and Political Science from East Carolina University and a Master of Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon.

How can I make a difference?

Join us and help educate and advocate for more housing. We have opportunities to make your voice heard on the housing issue, ranging from just clicking a button to send a letter on housing, to testifying about your story in front of policy-makers. Simply sign up for our newsletter to learn more. Or take the next step and become an official supporting member.

  • Anthony Dedousis, Director of Policy and Research

    Anthony leads AHLA’s efforts to develop data-driven urban planning research and policy proposals. He believes that the YIMBY movement has the facts on its side, and that an analytically-grounded approach to advocacy will strengthen the case for more housing in more places.

    Anthony has spent his career using data to help businesses solve problems, and he has experience in the banking, food and beverage, and tech industries. Most recently, he worked on marketing and international strategy at ZipRecruiter, a fast-growing tech company in the hiring space.

    Anthony is originally from Long Island, New York, and is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Chicago’s MBA program. Although he has lived all over the country, he’s proud to call LA home.

Boards of Directors

Abundant Housing LA and the Abundant Housing LA Education Fund are led by a committee of volunteers who are passionate about housing affordability and choice. Their biographies can be found below.

Brent Gaisford

Brent also serves as the chair of the board of the Abundant Housing LA Education Fund.

Ilissa Gold


Nicholas Burns


  • Brent Gaisford, Board Chair

    Brent is the chair of the board and leads fundraising efforts. He also serves on the board of Abundant Housing LA.

    Prior to his volunteer work with Abundant Housing LA, Brent was the CFO and co-founder of Treehouse Co-Living, a strategy consultant with Bain & Company, and a project manager for Bayes Impact, where he managed teams of data scientists working on non-profit projects to combat homeless, improve education, and reform criminal justice.

    Brent has a long-standing passion for local politics and in 2010 he was elected to the Westwood neighborhood council and served its treasurer from 2010-2012.

    In his free time, you can find Brent backpacking, skiing, or climbing in the mountains, or at a coffee shop working on his science fiction novel.

    Brent studied Economics at UCLA.

  • Alan Greenlee, Board of Directors

    Alan Greenlee is the Executive Director of the Southern California Association of Non Profit Housing (SCANPH). He has served in this capacity since October, 2012. Over Alan’s 25 year professional career, he has demonstrated a commitment to helping low-income families join the economic mainstream by supporting beneficial public policy at the local, regional, state and federal levels. Alan has designed, implemented and managed programs operating from coast to coast, impacting hundreds of thousands of low-income and underserved families. As an entrepreneur, Alan developed market making products and services for the solar industry. Drawing from the full range of his experience, allows Alan to innovate in the fight against poverty tempered by the practicalities of the real world. The combination yields efficient, effective and scalable solutions.

  • Chelsea Lee Byers, Board of Directors / Director of Affordable and Supportive Housing

    Chelsea Byers is the Chair of the Campaign to End the Statute of Limitations on Rape and Sexual Assault and a member of the 2017-2018 inaugural cohort of the Speakers Justice Bureau through the Community Justice Reform Coalition. She coordinates and facilitates creative direct action training and resource development to support organizers around the globe with Beautiful Trouble and has mobilized thousands of change-makers through grassroots advocacy training and campaign development. She has organized dozens of public demonstrations for social justice, held vigil for political prisoners and whistleblowers, and earned media at the 2016 Republican National Convention for gun violence prevention advocacy. After she disrupted and ended his hateful speech during a campaign stop in Las Vegas on January 20th, 2016, Donald Trump said of Chelsea, “That’s a young woman that doesn’t know… She’s Lost… To hell with her.” In 2014, Chelsea was named ‘Proud Community Ally’ by the Northern Arizona Pride Association for her work organizing Flagstaff’s largest rally in history against discrimination legislation SB 1062. Chelsea is a contributor to the feminist blog The Engaged Gaze and a member of the National Women’s Political Caucus. In July 2017, Chelsea launched the Mural Map LA – a free resource to build community through greater accessibility to street art in Los Angeles.

How can I make a difference?

Join us and help educate and advocate for more housing. We have opportunities to make your voice heard on the housing issue, ranging from just clicking a button to send a letter on housing, to testifying about your story in front of policy-makers. Simply sign up for our newsletter to learn more. Or take the next step and become an official supporting member.

  • Gabe Rose, Board of Directors

    Gabe is passionate about pursuing justice by investing in long-term transformational change efforts. He is currently a Senior Philanthropic Advisor at Fundamental, helping family foundations to strategically deploy their resources to achieve impact. He previously spent almost a decade as a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Parent Revolution, a non-profit organization supporting families in LA’s most marginalized communities to organize to improve their children’s public schools. Gabe got involved with housing activism and Abundant Housing LA as he, his friends, and the families he worked with had to pay increasingly outrageous rental costs to live in LA, with no end in sight.

    Before joining Parent Revolution, he was selected for and completed the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs in Los Angeles, a national experiential leadership-training program. Gabe is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, where he served as undergraduate student body president during his senior year. He currently serves on the board of Coro Southern California and is an active volunteer in numerous progressive political campaigns every cycle.

  • Pam O'Connor, Board of Directors

    Pam O’Connor is the former mayor of Santa Monica, California. She previously served this post from 1998 to 1999, and from 2004 to 2005. She is also the former president of SCAG’s regional Council. Currently, she works as a Planning Consultant.

  • Michael Manville, Board of Directors

    Michael Manville is Associate Professor of Urban Planning at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. Both his research and teaching focus on the relationships between transportation and land use, and on local public finance. Much of his research concerns the tendency of local governments to hide the costs of driving in the property market, through land use restrictions intended to fight traffic congestion. These land use laws only sometimes reduce congestion, and can profoundly influence the supply and price of housing.

    Dr. Manville’s research has been published in journals of planning, economics, urban studies, and sociology. He has received research funding from University Transportation Centers, from the John Randolph Haynes Foundation, and the TransitCenter, among others. He has consulted for developers, environmental groups, local governments, and the United Nations.

    Dr. Manville has an MA and PhD in Urban Planning, both from UCLA Luskin. Prior to joining Luskin as a faculty member, he was Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University.

  • Mark Vallianatos, Board of Directors

    Mark is a policy analyst, advocate and academic interested in a range of urban and environmental issues. He started his career advocating on international trade and investment rules for Friends of the Earth. After working and teaching at Occidental College for more than a decade he is launching a new urban change think tank and advocacy group to help remove barriers to the positive evolution of the LA region.

    When not being a policy wonk, Mark likes exploring the LA region and spending time with his wife, daughter and son. He also enjoys uncovering the history of such building blocks of LA as single family houses and food trucks.

    Mark studied political and social thought and received his law degree at the University of Virginia.

  • Peter Lynn, Board of Directors

    Peter Lynn is a public servant who has worked in low income housing and homelessness for the past 20 years. He led the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority for five years through 2019,
    a period of tremendous change for the lead agency of nation’s largest Continuum of Care, growing funding levels from $75 to $402 million, and transforming the organization from a
    passthrough contract administrator to the central strategic partner in LA’s collaborative addressing homelessness. He grew LA’s federal homelessness grant funding portfolio 65% to
    $130 million. Peter focused LAHSA on evidence-based practices, on implementation of LA’s coordinated entry system, and lifting up the interconnected roles of housing affordability and
    systemic racism as key drivers for LA’s homelessness crisis. Prior to LAHSA, he ran Section 8 for the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA), doubling the size of HACLA’s
    homeless programs to more than 14,000 units, and reducing barriers to access for some of the city’s most challenging, service-intensive populations.

    He served on several regional and national bodies addressing homelessness including the  National Alliance to End Homelessness Leadership Council, Mayor Garcetti’s Homelessness Cabinet, and the Home For Good Leadership Team.

  • Michael Menjivar, Board of Directors

    Michael Menjivar is the Deputy Director of Community Engagement for LAUSD Board District 6, supporting the office of Board Member Kelly Gonez. In this role, Michael works directly with
    the LAUSD schools and communities in the east San Fernando Valley, where he was born and raised and where he attended public LAUSD schools. Michael is happy to be working in this
    capacity after serving in various policy and political roles throughout the greater LA area. Prior to this role, Michael was the Public Policy Organizer for the Southern California
    Association of Non-Profit Housing (SCANPH), where he advocated and led the organization’s campaign efforts for more affordable housing in the Los Angeles area. In earlier years, Michael
    was a Field Director for the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, and led their efforts in the San Fernando Valley to pass Propositions HHH and JJJ in November 2016,
    affordable and homeless housing measures, and to defeat Measure S and pass Measure H in March 2017.

    Before jumping into organizing, coalition-building, and campaigns, Michael spent four years in non-profit fundraising. Always interested in making the transition to policy work, Michael complemented his professional experience by remaining active in his community, and joined the North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council in 2015, serving time as the Treasurer and
    Chair of the Land Use Committee. Michael is motivated to affect positive improvements at the local level to bring greater equity to the San Fernando Valley communities.

  • José Trinidad Castañeda, Board of Directors

    Jose Trinidad Castaneda III the Orange County Climate Justice Organizer at Climate Action Campaign. He educates, organizes, and mobilizes thousands of residents to engage with the local
    elected officials on climate action, clean energy, transit and affordable housing. Prior to his work at Climate Action Campaign, Jose worked on LA County’s Sustainability Master Plan and Safe, Clean Drinking Water Measure W. While serving as a City of Fullerton Commissioner, Jose led successful campaigns to renovate parks in disadvantaged communities, and update friendlier Accessory Dwelling Unit laws. As an individual who grew up with asthma and bronchitis, Jose was the voice behind additional air quality sensors in Orange County, and was appointed to the South Coast Air Quality Management District Youth Council. Jose is a fellow of the New Leaders Council Los Angeles and founder of YIMBY Voice, a pro-housing community organization. Jose was elected as a delegate to the California Democratic Party and Central Committee member to the Democratic Party of Orange County. When he isn’t engaged in local politics, you can find Jose empowering youth through permaculture and hydroponics.

  • Joss Tillard-Gates, Board of Directors

    Joss Tillard-Gates is the Senior Program Director of Policy for Enterprise Community Partners, Southern California. In that capacity, he is responsible for policy development, support and implementation for the company’s footprint throughout Southern California. Tillard-Gates joined Enterprise after serving as a registered lobbyist for Los Angeles County, based in Sacramento, California, and prior to that role, Tillard-Gates served as the legislative director for the 3rd District Board Member, for the California State Board of Equalization, representing the member on matters both state and local, while also contributing to his legal team. Professionally and through his volunteer work, Tillard-Gates finds value in living a service driven life.