Abundant Housing LA is proud to endorse Lindsey Horvath for Los Angeles County Supervisor District 3. Through her tenure as Mayor and Councilmember of the city of West Hollywood, Lindsey is the only candidate in this race with a proven track record of creating housing at all income levels. We believe she is the best aligned with Abundant Housing LA’s values as well as the best suited to hit the ground running as Supervisor.

Lindsey brings a rich understanding of how Los Angeles County can influence the 88 cities within its borders to do their part. If elected, Lindsey will seek opportunities to introduce legislation that benefits under-represented residents, such as advocating for greater protections to help ensure BIPOC communities receive fair home appraisals. Lindsey also supports providing free counseling services to renters as well as funding that allows renters to stay in the housing they can afford, rather than slipping into houselessness because of a missed rent payment. Rental assistance both for people at risk of eviction and people with high rent burdens will prevent even more people from becoming unhoused, especially as we anticipate the imminent lifting of rent moratoria.

Lindsey believes in housing without displacement. She will champion policies like “right of first return”, which will allow those who have helped build communities to benefit from present-day improvements, and supports inclusionary housing policies to ensure that housing is developed for ALL income levels in the same neighborhoods. Lindsey will also advocate for legislation at the local, state, and federal levels that work to address income inequality and regulate corporations and monied interests.

Combating homelessness is a top priority for Lindsey. Her leadership in the City of West Hollywood has produced an intersectional approach to solving homelessness – housing, services, and community safety – that has delivered results. In addition to inclusionary housing, Lindsey has championed the production of transitional, supportive, and long-term affordable housing solutions. Lindsey initiated West Hollywood’s request to have dedicated LASD Mental Evaluation Teams (MET), which combine a clinically-trained social worker with a public safety professional to respond to relevant calls. This approach helps to address the varied safety concerns that have arisen in relation to our unhoused population. Lindsey will work on expanding the availability of MET Teams throughout the County, rather than expecting law enforcement officials who do not have the appropriate training to tackle homelessness. Additionally, Lindsey brings a nuanced understanding of all the barriers to housing for unhoused individuals: She will advocate for street teams that outreach and meet people where they are with the services and support they need; she will advocate for funding a range of services – Section 8, mental health, addiction recovery, job training, and more – to address all of the complex issues that contribute to homelessness.

Last but not the least, Lindsey has also been a fierce advocate for expanding transit throughout Los Angeles, particularly through her work in getting Metro to prioritize the Crenshaw North extension. She’s also worked on promoting transit-oriented development in West Hollywood, which reduces the need for freeway expansion as well as negative impacts on air quality in surrounding neighborhoods. Under her leadership, West Hollywood served as a model for how the rest of the county can support growth and fulfill our housing needs.

West Hollywood is often a laboratory for innovative solutions to our region’s most pressing problems, and Lindsey intends to bring the success of her policies there to bear for the region. You can help elect Lindsey Horvath by donating to our C4 organization, which will work to educate more voters than ever about Lindsey’s platform and campaign.

Our endorsement committee recommended this endorsement after reviewing candidates’ responses to a questionnaire and conducting interviews with the candidates. Please consider becoming a member today so we can continue vetting candidates and help elect truly pro-housing leaders all across LA County.

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