Abundant Housing LA is proud to endorse Rex Richardson for Long Beach City Mayor. Rex currently serves as a Long Beach City Councilmember. He has a proven track record of leadership on homelessness, advocating to build Long Beach’s first municipal homeless shelter with permanent supportive housing in his home district of North Long Beach.
Rex has steadfastly supported the Housing First approach to homelessness. We are deeply impressed by his HOPE Plan – Housing first, Outreach, Pathways, and Expanding support. Building on the relationships and successes Rex has cultivated as a council member, the HOPE Plan is detailed, comprehensive, and practical. It calls for expanding a variety of interim and permanent housing options for formerly unhoused individuals, as well as a data-driven outreach strategy that will deploy with tailored, neighborhood-level outreach teams in priority areas of the city. Housing and outreach will then be paired with mental health services to help get unhoused Long Beach residents back on their feet. In addition to responding to the needs of unhoused people, Rex will focus on preventing residents from slipping into homelessness, by creating economic and homeownership pathways. We believe in Rex’s leadership in seeing this plan come to fruition.
Rex supports more housing at all income levels and will work to make Long Beach a designated Pro-Housing city, ensuring a flow of state resources to help increase housing production in Long Beach City.
Our endorsement committee recommended this endorsement after carefully reviewing the candidate’s voting and policy record and considering the candidate’s work with various pro-housing organizations. Please consider becoming a member today so we can continue vetting candidates and help elect truly pro-housing leaders all across LA County.

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