After interviewing California State Assembly District 51 candidates, Abundant Housing LA is proud to endorse Rick Chavez Zbur. With his deep experience in local and statewide issues, track record in shaping and passing public policy, reputation as a leader and advocate on social equity, and valuable relationships in Sacramento and across the state, Rick is well-positioned to be a skilled and effective legislator.  He has the expertise and understanding to fight for housing and economic justice and will be a force for change, working to solve our housing and homelessness crises. 

As a land use attorney, longtime Board member of the California League of Conservation Voters, and Executive Director of Equality California, Rick Chavez Zbur has spent his life fighting for equality and justice — for LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, communities of color, faith, and people living with HIV. He fought for justice for our planet, for the communities most impacted by pollution and climate change, and for the economic and housing justice of working families and our most vulnerable. Rick is also a champion for criminal justice and gun safety reform, as well as health justice for everyone.

Rick is running to represent the people of California’s 51st Assembly District. He is committed to fixing our broken social safety net for the most vulnerable members of our communities. Throughout our endorsement process, Rick demonstrated a clear understanding of the housing shortage and affordability crisis, as well as a strong commitment to addressing the root causes of this issue. As an elected official, Rick will prioritize and support solutions to accelerate the development of affordable and workforce housing near transit, near jobs hubs, and in communities where low income and members of communities of color have been effectively excluded as a result of exclusionary housing policies. He will also support expanding opportunities for homeownership so that families can build generational wealth, investing in historically Latino, Asian, and Black communities to increase opportunities for education and community growth, and fully including residents of these communities in discussions of housing policy, land use, and new developments so that they are empowered and able to improve their circumstances.

Rick has been a steadfast supporter of the regional planning approach on housing. As the President of California Environmental Voters, Rick led efforts to adopt SB 375, which required local governments and regional planning agencies and the California Air Resources Board to engage in a statewide, and regional planning and housing allocation process to both meet regional housing needs, and assure that housing elements and policies at the local level were revised to meet housing needs and greenhouse gas reductions. 

During this unprecedentedly difficult time, our communities need bold progressive leadership, an unyielding commitment to equality, and an unbending resolve to achieve racial, gender, economic, environmental, educational, housing and health equity and justice for all. You can help elect Rick Chavez Zbur by donating to our C4 organization, which will work to educate more voters than ever about Rick’s platform and campaign.

Our endorsement committee recommended this endorsement after reviewing candidates’ responses to a questionnaire and conducting interviews with the candidates. Please consider becoming a member today so we can continue vetting candidates and help elect truly pro-housing leaders all across LA County.

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