Link to Supervisor Solis’ Motion

January 10, 2020

To the L.A. County Board of Supervisors,

Abundant Housing LA is committed to education and advocacy on the affordability, livability, and sustainability benefits of more housing. We want lower rents and a more sustainable and prosperous region, where everyone has more choices of where to live and how to pursue their dreams. Density, when well planned, can enhance social and economic life.

We support the motion by Supervisor Solis to address the displacement crisis by prioritizing affordable housing in areas with displacement risk.

The County of Los Angeles is in the midst of a housing shortage – we need half a million units of affordable housing to meet the existing demand from low-income renters. The average 1-bed rent in LA County is over $1,700 per month – a 2-bed is over $2,400 a month.

While increased supply at all income levels of housing over the long term is necessary to bring down housing costs and provide enough homes for residents, the immediate need in areas with displacement risk is subsidized affordable housing. We need to maximize the creation of affordable housing throughout the county, while planning strategically to eliminate displacement. 

Importantly, this motion recognizes the need for more data on displacement and the housing crisis. Data is crucial to help develop effective policies for both short and long-term solutions.

For these reasons, we support Supervisor Solis’ Motion – Prioritizing Affordable Housing in Areas with Displacement Risk.

Thank you.

Leonora Camner, Managing Director, Abundant Housing LA