Earlier this year we surveyed our members on what housing policies and funding sources they thought would help Los Angeles address its housing crisis. Our new policy committee, which brings together members and supporters with expertise in policy analysis, architecture, construction management, local government, research and writing on land use, advocacy, teaching, small scale development, urban planning (and living in and caring about LA!), worked from these responses as a starting point, and recommended a local policy agenda with 15 points.

The agenda is ‘time-stamped’ August 2017 because we know that conditions and opportunities change, and we will be flexible in pursuing opportunities and adapting our agenda to the city and region’s needs. What we want to stress is that:

A. No single fix can address LA’s housing crisis. To achieve a city with space for all our diverse residents, we need a multi- faceted package of reforms.

B. We believe that an impactful package of pro-housing reforms must:

  1. make ‘more room’ for homes;
  2. make it easier and faster to build homes;
  3. raise money for affordable homes;
  4. protect tenants; and
  5. encourage innovation.

You can download the agenda below. In coming weeks, we will profile some of the ideas in more detail.

Abundant Housing LA 2017 policy agenda