Abundant Housing LA is pleased to announce our support and endorsement of these ADEM candidates!

For Assembly District 50, AHLA endorses the Grassroots Slate. 

For Assembly District 54, AHLA endorses Forward 54.

For Assembly District 43, AHLA endorses Sarah Kate Levy.

This is a critical year to advance legislative remedies to address our homelessness and affordable housing crisis. Our choice of delegates will make a huge difference in the state party candidate endorsements, platform, resolutions and legislative recommendations.

We believe it is crucial to support candidates who are committed to our pro-housing agenda and who we can trust to fight for our shared values and priorities.The endorsed candidates will push for bold, systemic and sustainable change that will legalize more homes, make it easier to build homes, fund affordable housing, end homelessness and strengthen renter’s rights.

To check your District visit http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov

Please use your voice, use your vote!