Housing Advocates Council

Your impact on the pro-housing movement starts here.

Make your opinion count in the pro-housing movement! The new AHLA Housing Advocates Council (AHLA Council) and its sub-committees will provide input on key decisions made by AHLA. Council members help set AHLA’s policy and political agenda – determining what housing issues to focus on and how to achieve affordable housing for all. There will be opportunities to join sub-committees that focus on separate issue areas such as policy, endorsements, and project advocacy. Members will be provided with exclusive training, events, and communications support.

Why join?

  • A seat at the decision-making table – vote on important decisions, make recommendations on policy and political strategies. Leave your imprint on AHLA.

  • Develop skills in housing and advocacy – access to exclusive Council Events and Trainings.

  • A pipeline of leadership – a platform to activate or multiply your leadership potential.

  • Flexible commitment – only two General Meetings annually are required, with deeper engagement opportunities available, if desired.

Steps to join

  1. Become an AHLA member (As council membership entails important decision-influencing powers, we request that council members commit to a monthly donation to AHLA. Generous, need-based waivers are available in the application.)
  2. Fill out the application form below
  3. Complete an onboarding process
  4. You are in! Start weighing in on important decisions


We have subcommittees of the Housing Advocates Council dedicated to the following topics:


  • Education
  • Policy
  • Organizing
  • Strategy
  • Endorsements
  • Projects
  • Racial Justice and Equity

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