Abundant Housing Los Angeles is profoundly grateful to Councilmember Mike Bonin for his service to Los Angeles. We appreciate his candor about his struggles and wish him all the best as he transitions into a new phase of life.

We were proud to work with Councilmember Bonin on declaring a Right to Housing for the City of Los Angeles and supporting affordable housing. While we may not have agreed on every single issue, there was no doubt he was someone who listened to pro-housing voices and worked to find solutions. We stand ready to continue to work with his office over these next ten months to promote housing affordability and the right to housing in Los Angeles.

For his refusal to criminalize our unhoused neighbors, Councilmember Bonin and his staff were subject to a level of unhinged abuse that should never go unchallenged in our city. That’s why Abundant Housing Los Angeles firmly opposed the cynical attempt by NIMBYs to recall him earlier this year. These same NIMBYs will likely view this news as some sort of victory, even when their recall campaign failed miserably.

Abundant Housing Los Angeles will not allow these tactics to succeed. We will not allow the bullies to win. We eagerly look forward to engaging with candidates for Council District 11 and doing all we can to ensure that someone who shares our pro-housing values wins. You can help by contributing to our C4 organization, which works to educate voters about housing policies. Please also consider becoming a member to support our organization.