Abundant Housing LA is thrilled to announce the formation of our very own Political Action Committee, commonly known as PAC.

We have come a long way since starting out as an all-volunteer organization in 2015. When we first burst onto the scene, housing scarcity was researched in academic settings but not widely understood by the general public or elected leaders. Our arrival filled the need for housing education and advocacy, and slowly we started to see change in the narrative and direction with housing policies.

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Our mission and our work had always been political. Although initially incorporated as a 501C3, we formed a C4 organization in 2020 so we can directly advocate for pro-housing legislation and candidates. Our direct advocacy had already helped secure multiple legislative wins in Sacramento; as we are always seeking to grow the organization and amplify our impact, forming a PAC becomes a natural next step.

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As we go deeper into the housing crisis, affordable housing is the #1 priority in every election. Candidates in 2022 are all claiming to be housing champions. But which ones have a deep understanding of the housing crisis and the ideas that can create a meaningful difference? The AHLA PAC will be endorsing and opposing candidates – we are going to make sure voters understand which candidates are pro-housing, which only have empty rhetoric, and what residents can do to make their voices heard. Sign up for our weekly newsletter today to make sure you stay informed!

We are so proud of what we have already accomplished. By forming an AHLA PAC, we hope to take our work to a whole new level to bring about transformative change in housing. Buckle up and join us in the fight for reform!

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