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A “Yes, And” Approach to Housing Growth

Buildings that combine residential and commercial uses are not a new idea. Apartments above ground-floor retail can be found throughout America’s older cities and towns, and even existed in the ancient world. But this concept, today known as “mixed-use development”, is having a renaissance in American cities, including Los Angeles. Encouraging multifamily housing growth along […]

Yimbys should pay attention to redistricting. Here’s why and how.

YIMBYs need to pay attention to redistricting at all levels.  While there has been much news coverage of redistricting for congressional seats and LA City Council seats, fewer people are paying attention to the LA County Board of Supervisor redistricting process.  While many individuals, community & business groups have attended meetings and given oral and […]

How many more homes will be built after rezoning?

The 6th cycle housing element update is well underway, and cities statewide are tasked with identifying and appropriately zoning suitable locations where the next 8 years’ worth of housing growth, a quantity determined by the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA), can go. But cities aren’t developers; city councils can zone parcels to allow for housing […]

History taught us: enforce housing law to achieve fairness and abundance

The 1960s were an era of great struggles but also remarkable progress on civil rights, culminating in the year 1968. On February 29th of that year, the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, after studying widespread civil unrest found that, all too often, America consisted of two separate and unequal societies, one for whites and one […]

Announcing our own AHLA PAC

Abundant Housing LA is thrilled to announce the formation of our very own Political Action Committee, commonly known as PAC. We have come a long way since starting out as an all-volunteer organization in 2015. When we first burst onto the scene, housing scarcity was researched in academic settings but not widely understood by the […]

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❤️ 100% affordable housing project walkable🚶🏻🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️from Metro’s Expo/Bundy station! Thanks to the density bonus provided through LA’s Transit-Oriented Community program, Missouri Place Apartments provides 73 homes to formally homeless individuals 🙌🏼.
#affordablehousing #housingforall #TOC #Transit #urbanplanning #housingfirst #yimby #housingpolicy
Neighborhood Change and #LatinoUrbanism with Ed Mendoza - when the neighborhood of Jefferson Park tried to become more than what it was zoned to be, the city was quick to shut everything down. Where have the pupusa ladies been? What could have been if urban planning was more understanding of Latino traditions?

#urbanplanning #urbanism #neighborhood #neighborhoodwalk #Yimby #publicpolicy
“LA used to be a place where people like my parents could really find success” - Thank you Michael for sharing your housing story with us. It feels vulnerable when the narrative has been one that if you can’t afford homes, it’s because you are not working hard enough, not smart enough, not saving enough. But you are enough - it’s the housing market that needs to be fixed 🙏🏼👊🏼
#housingcrisis #millenials #yimby #housingshortage #housingpolicy #housingforall
It's very concerning that HCD certified San Diego's housing element. What type of message does this send to other cities, who are currently trying to wiggle out of rezoning? 
Here are a few less than ideal sites included in SD's housing element. Without substantial rezoning of R1 neighborhoods, We worry this plan is a recipe for more displacement and gentrification. 
#HousingPolicy #HousingLaw #SanDiego #YIMBY #AffordableHousing #FairHousing
🌴Touring #AffordableHousing on the Westside!
As you can see, government-subsidized Affordable Housing™️ typically serves seniors, folks with special needs, & large families. But it has so much more potential to serve all types of communities.
#SB679, which ultimately did not pass, could have made building these homes here in LA a lot easier, faster, and more cost-efficient. We hope to bring back this proposal stronger for the next legislative year.
‼Support our work to create more Affordable Housing than ever:
#HousingForAll #LegalizeHomes #Yimby #housingcrisis #housingmarket
Gentle density = affordable, inclusive, & sustainable 💚
Current research suggests that gentle density, referring to a dense layout of low-rise buildings, is the best urban form for low-carbon cities. Paris is a real-world example of such urban growth pattern.
#GentleDensity #Housing #UrbanForm #Yimby #SmartGrowth #Urbanism #sustainability #SustainableCity