Are you convinced yet? 

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Exhibit 1: Last Sunday’s temperature forecast

Exhibit 2: Wildfire burns near Los Angeles


are you convinced yet?

We are in a state of climate emergency. With heatwaves and wildfires anticipated to return year after year, housing policy plays a critical role to ensure we don’t continue the patterns of sprawl and *knowingly* put families in harm’s way. 

Also, it’s not just about avoiding fire and heat. It’s about preventing an irreversible climate disaster. Did you know that sprawl is the #1 reason why Americans produce so much greenhouse gas per capita? This is serious business: if we don’t ACT NOW, we will never have the chance again.

So, what do we do?

The answer lies within housing – we must stop sprawling farther and farther and instead densify areas that are safe & livable. But state and local governments must collaborate to get this done. Next Thursday, you will have the chance to hear from local and state leaders about how we can achieve this. The Worsening Fire Crisis: How Housing and Climate Policy Intersect has been moved online so everyone can attend without driving. Get your tickets now!

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