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Governor Newsom’s bold plan to fund supportive housing

Earlier this month, Governor Gavin Newsom announced major steps towards finally turning the tide on homelessness in California. His proposed $12 billion budget includes $8.75 billion to ramp up Project Homekey, turning 46,000 hotel and motel rooms into permanent supportive housing. The plan also provides billions for new affordable housing, rental support payments, and mental health services.

This big, bold plan finally addresses the emergency on our state’s streets. But funding alone won’t solve homelessness. We need to move quickly while also thinking long-term. State and local governments need to purchase and convert motels into permanent supportive housing quickly, instead of getting bogged down by slow project approvals and NIMBY opposition.

And we need to prevent homelessness in the first place by building more housing and lowering housing costs. In California, most people become homeless because they can’t afford a home, not because of illness or addiction. Without getting housing costs under control, homelessness in LA could rise 86% over the next 4 years. We can’t let that happen.

This week, please join us in thanking Governor Newsom for taking a huge step towards ending homelessness in the Golden State, and let’s also remind him that ending homelessness means saying yes to housing.

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Exclusionary zoning perpetuates segregation and prevents lower-income families from living in resource- & opportunity-rich neighborhoods. It stands in the way of creating vibrant and diverse cities that can only be supported by moderate density and mixed incomes.

Studies after studies have affirmed that upzoning works to provide affordable homes in good neighborhoods; it is past time we dismantle exclusionary zoning once and for all. On Wednesday May 26th, please join Abundant Housing LA as we converse with pioneers who are the early advocates and implementers of ending exclusionary zoning. RSVP today!

Spotlight: Pacific Urbanism

Today, we’re spotlighting Pacific Urbanism, a Los Angeles-based research and design firm that specializes in policy evaluation, data modeling, and community building. Pacific Urbanism is one of our most critical partners in the fight for abundant housing. Pacific Urbanism’s president, Dario Rodman-Alvarez, has been a longtime housing advocate. His deep knowledge of housing policy, talent for quantitative research, and commitment to housing justice is unparalleled.

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