Friends of the Purple Line Plan

The Metro Purple Line Extension is a vital moment for Los Angeles’ future. This is a unique opportunity to address Los Angeles’ need for affordable housing near transit and to support a growing, dynamic, and inclusive city.

Purple Line Commercial Corridors

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Purple Line Residential Corridors

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Why Now?

Metro’s Purple Line extension is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the Wilshire Corridor. The Friends of the Purple Line housing plan will ensure that our region’s ambitious investment in Metro is matched by our commitment to making it accessible to more Angelenos across all walks of life. Our shared goal is to create a template for car-free living that will be a model for Los Angeles and beyond.

Our Plan’s Vision for Miracle Mile

New Housing

Expand new housing near Metro’s Purple Line. This would include 36,000 new homes in the Wilshire corridor, including up to 8,000 affordable homes.

Strong Tenant Protections

Introduce strong tenant protections and affordable housing production requirements, to ensure that Miracle Mile remains a neighborhood for all Angelenos

A Transit-First Future

Promote a truly transit-first neighborhood by introducing new bus and bike lanes on all major streets, and by building new, wider sidewalks.

Neighborhood Beautification

Beautify the Miracle Mile corridor through unique architecture, creating new public parks, building public plazas, and adding trees along sidewalks and medians.

Become a Friend Today

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