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Today, we’re so proud to introduce the Friends of the Purple Line Plan! With this plan we’re taking LA’s most talked-about public transit expansion project and turning up the dial. Under this plan, we could potentially add 36,000 new units of housing along the Wilshire Corridor, a major artery for LA and a job-rich, culturally vibrant part of our city.

Single-family homes currently dominate the area around the extension. The median price is $1.7 million. Really??

Get to know the plan. You’ll love it. Then, join us in sending a message to LA City Planning: consider the Friends of the Purple Line Plan to build a fairer, more sustainable, more affordable Miracle Mile. 

Sign the petition.


Anthony explains: Friends of the Purple Line

Check out the before and after in the blog

Our Policy & Research Director Anthony Dedousis gives you an in-depth look into the Friends of the Purple Line plan, including more info on the extension itself. 

TOMORROW: Housing for whom? Housing where?

Tomorrow, we’re bringing you another can’t-miss event. We’re chatting to David Williams of Opportunity Insights, Amy Schur of ACCE, Rod Hall of us, and Professor Michael Lens of UCLA Luskin! See you Wednesday

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