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Hi Friend,

The LA City Council might actually consider making sleeping, sitting, or lying within 500 feet of a recently opened shelter facility or transportation infrastructure a crime.

This measure would be a shameful affront to the dignity and wellbeing of LA’s tens of thousands of unhoused people. We’re saying NO. Join us in sending this letter to the LA City Council and to the Mayor, urging them to remove this motion from consideration. 

Take a stand for our unhoused neighbors. 

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We’re AHLA, and we want to recruit you!

Our movement is about people. We’re leading the charge to realize an inclusive, sustainable LA for all families. So this month we’re asking you to renew your commitment to Abundant Housing LA’s mission by making a donation in our Fall Membership Drive. We can’t do what we do without you.

By joining us, you’re taking a firm stand against inequality, against inhumane overcrowding and homelessness, and against the systemic racism that has defined LA for too long. As a thanks, you’d receive the following membership benefits:  

  • Housing Legalizer: $25.
    You join our members-only meetups, online forum with members across LA, and access to exclusive yearly panel events with experts in the field.

  • Housing Champion: $50.
    In addition to the perks above, you get access to exclusive AHLA merchandise. 

  • Housing Visionary: $80
    In addition to the perks above, you get a free t-shirt in the AHLA online shop! 

  • Housing Futurist: $150
    At our Futurist level, you get all of the perks above as well as access to Q&A sessions with all of our panelists after every event!

Expect more details on this critical effort will come tomorrow! Thank you.


It’s time

Next week, we make big decisions on where we’ll steer LA, California, and the country.

Abundant Housing LA joins partners in urging you not only to vote for Prop. 15 and Measure J, but to help us spread the word in this final stretch! Read our endorsement here, and check out this recap video from last month’s event on what these ballot measures could mean for racial, economic, and housing justice in LA. 

And then join us this Thursday for phonebanking in support of Measure J, a critical measure that would secure funding for health, housing, and education for LA’s marginalized communities. 

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