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584 homes on either side of the 605 in the southeast are in danger of being demolished to make more space for cars. And guess who lives there? Yup, Black people and Brown people. 

So not only will those communities lose homes; they’re losing them to make space for more cars & even more toxic air. Oh, and in the middle of an economic meltdown and a public health crisis. 

Today we’re sending a letter to the Metro board urging them to stop this assault on vulnerable communities. 

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And this weekend, join us to learn more about that ugly history of LA’s freeways – and what we’re doing to confront our legacy of bad, racist planning. 

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At the heart of it all

“As part of our organizational commitment to ending this shortage, Abundant Housing LA supports policies that advance housing affordability, economic opportunity, and socioeconomic integration.”

AHLA policy & research director Anthony explains inclusionary zoning, and offers some recommendations for LA. Read.


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White supremacy, LGBTQ+ homelessness, wildfires. We’re bringing it all.

We revamped our blog-to-Instagram process and have introduced new features on our profile. 

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