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For many months in 2019, Abundant Housing LA members and volunteers like you dedicated their time to working on an obscure, technical process called the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA), which works to determine the amount of housing we are required to build over the next eight years, and then allocates that number to different cities and jurisdictions in the region.

And despite many telling our members and volunteers this fight was impossible or futile, you continued full-force and delivered a major housing victory for the entire region, one that will showcase the affordable, livable, and sustainable benefits of more housing.

You should be proud of the strides you have made over the past year in support of YIMBYIsm and the creation of a more sustainable and prosperous region, where everyone has more choices of where to live and how to pursue their dreams.

Now those many months of hard work are at risk! SCAG is considering delaying the adoption of Connect SoCal by 120 days without a clear objective to accomplish during that time. The issue with delaying adoption is that it could put our region at risk of not moving forward with the Coastal Plan as required by the RHNA process, since the Coastal Plan is linked with the growth forecasts of Connect SoCal. Noncompliance with RHNA cannot be an option for our region.

We need you to take action now! Tell SCAG to prevent delay of Connect SoCal and support the Coastal Plan finalization by the October deadline by signing our letter and attending the meeting. Bonus points if you forward this e-mail to a friend or two or 10.


Tell SCAG & your council to stop the delay!


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Join us next week for a chat on climate change and housing in LA, now and post-COVID-19. 

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