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Did you know that California has an infrastructure bank (IBank)? Well we do, and it could be among the most valuable tools to ensure an equitable recovery from pandemic-related economic devastation. 

Assembly Bill 310 would make IBank a public bank and enact key changes that would maximize its potential for the people of California. Not only would it provide life-saving loans for small businesses, but it would also mean a big boost for affordable housing by: 

  • Buying up municipal debt, reducing cities’ borrowing costs and freeing up funds in the city budget for other priorities (like affordable housing).
  • Issuing bonds that would finance affordable housing production directly.

We’re joining our partner organizations in making calls and writing letters to Sacramento saying YES to a more equitable recovery for California. You should join us. 

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THURSDAY: Friends of the Purple Line Launch

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It’s nearly here! On Thursday we’re holding our Friends of the Purple Line Plan launch party. We’re talking about our plan for a reimagined and more inclusive Westside. Click here to learn more and sign up to join us!

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