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It’s no secret that our crisis is deep, and urgent. We’ve identified a few key bills that together would do a lot to move housing production along.

Our Action Item this week will send our leaders in Sacramento a message: these bills would bring California much-needed affordable housing and help us help our unhoused neighbors.

The form automatically sends the letter to your exact representative in the CA Assembly! ✨ 


To Sacramento: YES to these critical bills


Permanent Supportive Housing for East Hollywood 

Enlightenment Plaza is a project planned for a mostly vacant lot in East Hollywood that would bring 454 units of Permanent Supportive Housing to our city.

Well the project is on tomorrow’s LA City Council agenda. RSVP to ask our leaders to support this life-giving project. 

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The lockdown has provided a glimpse into a greener, healthier LA. What will it take to keep that sustainability alive? Join us on Wednesday


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