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We’ve got big opportunities in front of us. 

Earlier this year, we launched our FAIR LA Plan, which answers a simple but fraught question: where should LA build all these homes we need?

Our commitment – and yours, as a friend or member of AHLA – is to building an LA that works for everyone, with equitable distribution of housing and access to opportunity!

Tomorrow we’re launching our LA-wide chapter of AHLA (info below). We’re committed to our vision. It’ll take commitment from our elected leaders, too. So we’re working to facilitate meetings with them.

Fill out our quick form and we’ll connect you to your representative. If you live in a city, we’ll find your councilmembers. If you live in unincorporated LA County, we’ll set you up with your supervisor. It takes seconds and you can take your voice straight to the people we need to win. 

If you’ve submitted forms with us in the past, you can fill this one out with one click here.


One step further

We’re also bringing people from across LA – City of LA and beyond – to strategize and fight for our FAIR LA Plan. We’re advancing a blog new vision for a more equitable LA. 

Join us tomorrow 6-7p. Sign up here.


AHLA weighs in

We’ve released our endorsements! 

Prop. 15. Measure J. And beyond. 

Read our take on some ballot measures we think would be great for the movement to house LA.


Do more for economic & racial justice

We hope you saw our email yesterday. Measure J would be a huge win for social justice: greater investment in health, housing, and education for communities across the county. 

Please consider taking some time on Wednesday to join the effort to get this critical measure passed. You’re standing up for communities of color! Thank you.

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YIMBYism is allyship 

“Trans people who had experienced homelessness were more likely to have attempted suicide (59%) than those who hadn’t (40%) and the general population (4%).”

It’s bleak for many LGBTQ+ people. Read more.