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Two weeks ago, the California Department of Housing and Community Development published a memo that massively increases the amount of “zoned capacity” for new housing that local governments must provide.

This is huge! Years of hard work from YIMBYs like you and us has delivered this victory. This memo could significantly impact housing growth across California by ultimately forcing cities to be more honest in how they assess their zoned capacity. 

Check out our statement to learn more:

Read the statement

Never doubt the power of pro-housing advocates! Now’s the time to redouble our efforts! Some simple actions you can take right this moment: 


Housing is not a contact sport

When money and power meet, the results can be disastrous. You’ve probably heard the news about LA Councilmember Huizar’s arrest on corruption charges. It’s bad news. Read our statement on what it means for housing and the changes we need to see in City Hall. 

NEW POST: The White Papers

We’re back with our second White Paper. This is a series of articles designed to make sense of the policies, practices, and challenges that shape the housing landscape in LA and offer you insight into why we do what we do.

Check out our latest: The Economics of Canceling Rent and Mortages

Schools and Communities First Walking Tour!


This Thursday we’ll be going on a virtual walking tour with some our best friends to learn how the Schools and Communities first ballot initiative would bring in billions of dollars for schools, and to see how it would benefit Santa Monica! Join us. 

Housing for Hollywood

Did you hear? There’s a development awaiting approval that would bring 412 yes 412 new units of housing to Hollywood, including 61 for very low-income renters. I know, we were amazed as well. And it would sit just one block from a station on the Metro B (Red) Line! It just keeps getting better and better. 

But we need your help. Send this letter to LA Planning to say YES to this development.