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Assembly Bill 1401, introduced by our hometown assemblymember Laura Friedman, would remove minimum on-site parking requirements on residential and commercial developments located near transit.
Local on-site parking requirements force homes and commercial buildings to be built with a minimum number of parking spaces, regardless of how many are needed. This increases traffic, air pollution, and carbon emissions by encouraging car dependence and discouraging mass transit usage. This also worsens California’s severe housing shortage by driving up the cost of housing production. Our Policy and Research Director, Anthony Dedousis, made the case for parking reform last year in the L.A. Times.

By removing this arbitrary requirement, AB 1401 will reduce car dependency and carbon emissions, cut housing construction costs and rents, and encourage greater transit usage and more housing and business growth near transit. All this will create more vibrant and pedestrian-friendly commercial corridors and downtowns throughout California, and help us to turn the tide on the housing and climate crises.

Please use this form to support AB 1401. Tell your state senator and assemblymember that you support bold action on housing, the climate, and mobility!