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LA’s Westside is a great place to live. It offers a lot of opportunities and access to good jobs and transit.

But who actually benefits? Wealthy, high-opportunity neighborhoods in the Westside have historically used exclusionary zoning to lock entire communities out and perpetuate racial and economic segregation. If we want to build a less segregated, more affordable, and more connected Los Angeles, we have to urge our leaders to support denser housing development. 

The City of Los Angeles is currently updating its Westside Community Plans, which set the guidelines for future housing and land use policy. Join us in telling City Hall that we want a total strategic rewrite of land use and zoning regulations on the Westside, which will support inclusion of all Angelenos and move us towards a sustainable, transit-oriented mode of living.

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White Paper: How an Urban Growth Boundary could impact Los Angeles

Check out Isaac’s latest: a look at how a physical boundary to urban growth did for Portland, and what it would like in LA. 

Read it here.

Fire season statement

Fire season is once again upon us, threatening to destroy homes and endanger human lives.

Why does this keep happening? And why is it getting worse? Read our statement on what fire hazards mean for housing, and how LA needs to make major changes to meet the challenge.

This Saturday: Members&Volunteers Meetup

This is our casual hangout for AHLA’s members & volunteers to discuss strategy & brainstorm. Join us Saturday at 12:30! Zoom info will be sent prior to the event.


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