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Hi Friend,

The election is (mostly) over. But the work remains.

You may have seen my story a few weeks ago. I live in Walnut Park, and like too many of us, know families in my neighborhood who are squeezed into small single-family homes or into apartments. Overcrowding is a threat to public health. Angelenos deserve better.

And it doesn’t stop there. Rising homelessness, exorbitant rent, and deepening inequality are part and parcel of this crisis. It needs to stop. 

Thankfully we’ve seen pro-housing legislators act. Today we’re sending a message to them: thank you, and you need to keep it up. 

Join me in sending a letter to our electeds – new and old – that the housing crisis needs to be a top priority if we’re going to truly make LA sustainable, affordable, and equitable. 

Thank you for taking a stand with us.

-Esteban, AHLA Communications Manager


Send with one click here.


If we’re going to crush this crisis, we need to learn how it came to be:

Saturday, November 14th, 12-2pm. Sign up with one click here.


How can the 2021 Housing Element Update provide an opportunity for us to start solving these problems by rethinking land use, zoning, and housing policy?

Join us and our friends at Pacific Urbanism and Public Counsel for a discussion on the future of LA. Wednesday Nov. 18th, 6-7:30.

Sign up.

Bring the movement to your neighborhood:

We want to bring the pro-housing message to all corners of LA County. We’re working to amplify voices in every city and neighborhood. If you’d like to write an op-ed for your local outlet, click here to let us know! (We’re here to help!)


Traffic talk

In our latest AHLA White Paper, Isaac takes a look at how traffic data impacts housing production. Check it out.