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We’re concerned. The Regional Housing Needs Assessment process might be in trouble, as there are proposed changes to the Southern California Association of Governments’ Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), which was already delayed in May. These delays in turn mean that jurisdictions across Southern California are able to delay the finalization of their RHNA targets.

On September 3rd, SCAG’s Regional Council will vote on the latest version of Connect SoCal.

We’re asking the Regional Council to vote to approve the latest SCAG-recommended version of Connect SoCal for the purposes of the SCS, and to instruct SCAG staff to begin the RHNA appeals process without delay.

These are critical steps to ensuring that we meet our housing needs now, not later. There’s no time to delay. 

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From the blog: student perspectives

The housing crisis affects Angelenos across all walks of life. Among the most vulnerable: students.

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AHLA en español

Esta semana, Abundant Housing LA llevará a cabo su primer evento para la comunidad hispanohablante. Será una junta comunitaria por Zoom, donde hablaremos de cómo la crisis de vivienda que vive Los Ángeles afecta a nuestra comunidad. 

(English speakers: please forward this event to any Spanish speakers who may be interested in attending!)

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