When supporters of sustainable, equitable growth don’t make their voices heard, Los Angeles loses opportunities to fight back against skyrocketing rents and displacement. City planners are much more likely to hear from people who — for whatever reason — are against particular projects, and if those projects need special permission for approval, that could mean the difference between new housing getting built or a missed opportunity.

Abundant Housing LA knows that good projects need support. Since we started on our mission to support abundant housing in Los Angeles in July, we’ve sent comment letters to LA City Planners in support of more than 1,500 new units, from single accessory dwelling units (garage apartments) to large apartment buildings replacing parking lots. We’ve also opposed a project that proposes to demolish a multi-family building and replace it with a megamansion, resulting in a net loss of homes and displacement.

In some communities, any project is controversial. It is in many of those communities where new housing is needed most. Decades of anti-growth activism on the Westside have made it impossible for many of the people who work there to nearby. Every missed opportunity for smart, equitable housing growth further causes rents to rise, severely circumscribing sustainable housing options for people of all ages.

It isn’t easy to know when certain projects need approvals, but as we grow our grassroots efforts, we will work to help people understand how to navigate the city’s sometimes confusing public input process and help them make their voices heard.

As our housing shortage worsens almost daily, new voices for abundant housing are needed now more than ever.

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