Here in LA, a new USC study tracked the pollution impacts of driving, finding that Angelenos who drive less are exposed to more pollution. The Times ran an editorial on Mayor Bass’ homelessness record and an op ed in favor of AB 68, the AHLA-endorsed policy to stop sprawl while streamlining infill housing.

Further afield, the notorious Terraces at Lafayette project made famous in Golden Gates received its final approvals, Huntington Beach continues to flout state housing law, and Chris Elmendorf questioned the legal basis of San Francisco’s discretionary approvals system.

Outside California, Colorado governor Jared Polis proposed sweeping statewide zoning reform, Binyamin Appelbaum explained why company towns like the one Elon Musk is building in Texas are evidence of poor leadership, and New York governor Kathy Hochul’s housing compact ran into trouble, despite strong support from the New York Times’ opinion section.