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Hi Friend,

Downtown is the heart of our city. We want a downtown that works for all! So today we’re asking you to join us in sending a letter to city leaders: we support the Downtown Community Plan update.

The plan is an important step in meeting the needs of our Downtown residents, and its policies will promote more housing affordability. Join us in sending this letter.


Send the letter.



Have you had a chance to RSVP for our comedy show fundraiser on Wednesday? We know you want to help us continue advocating for LA’s most vulnerable, Friend. So we’re including the sign-up link again for your convenience! 

BONUS: Brent Gaisford, chair of our board of directors, will be matching all purchases and donations up to $20,000! Thank you for being generous, and we look forward to seeing you next Wednesday.

Sign up here.


For real this time!

Who doesn’t have glitches from time to time? As promised last week, we’re launching Tenant’s Rights Tuesdays! 

First up: right to counsel. Keep an eye out for it tomorrow on our blog.


For your holiday shopping

If you’re celebrating this month, our friends at Everyone In have a great gift guide for you. It includes “a bunch of L.A.-based businesses that give back in so many amazing ways to their communities, including advocacy and support for our unhoused neighbors.” Sounds pretty great to us. Check it out below.