This week’s action alert is calling for an end to exclusionary zoning.  

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Action Alert: End Exclusionary Zoning

Eighty percent.

That’s the amount of residentially-zoned land in Los Angeles County where apartments are banned. Laws that mandate single-family detached homes as the only legal housing option in most of the County are a form of exclusionary zoning. This misguided policy in high-opportunity areas promotes housing scarcity, high rents, exclusion, and displacement.

Fortunately, cities across California are recognizing that ending exclusionary zoning and legalizing apartments will help make our neighborhoods more affordable, diverse, and environmentally sustainable. Sacramento recently voted to allow up to four homes on any residential parcel, and Berkeley is poised to do the same. Oakland’s city council is exploring a similar policy. It’s time for exclusionary cities in L.A. County to step up too.

Please tell your city’s mayor and councilmembers that you support an end to exclusionary zoning and apartment bans. In a region where our leaders often call themselves progressive, it’s time for them to start acting like it.

Spotlight – Nancy Barba

Nancy Barba, a Los Angeles native, is committed to an equitable and inclusive sustainable future. She is an organizer with Culver City for More Homes, a grassroots group of Culver City residents and stakeholders devoted to making housing more plentiful, affordable and equitable for everyone, while protecting renters and unwinding the City’s historic legacy of redlining and restrictive zoning.

During the day, her work focuses on supporting local policy actors, partnering with local governments, regional energy networks, utilities and community choice aggregators helping them achieve their climate action goals by putting energy efficiency into practice. She leads a team delivering energy efficiency program design, implementation, administration and regulatory support.

She works closely with counties, councils of government, and state financing agencies by overseeing and directing marketing, outreach, education and training to homeowners, contractors and dealers. 

Exploring Housing In Santa Monica: How Did We Get Here and Where Do We Go From Here?

Last week, the League of Women Voters Santa Monica hosted a housing panel tackling the exclusionary history of housing in the city, and ideas for a new housing direction. Featuring AHLA’s Board Member, Joss Tillard-Gates, and many Abundant Housing members including Natalya Zernitskaya, the event discusses the causes, current issues, and potential solutions to the current housing crisis hosted by the League of Women Voters of Santa Monica. We think it’s worth your time to check out the Youtube video available here.

Panelists: Judy Abdo, Frank Gruber, Jason Islas, Joss Tillard-Gates Moderated by Darlene Evans

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