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Exclusionary zoning perpetuates segregation and prevents lower-income families from living in resource- & opportunity-rich neighborhoods. It stands in the way of creating vibrant and diverse cities that can only be supported by moderate density and mixed incomes.

Studies after studies have affirmed that upzoning works to provide affordable homes in good neighborhoods; it is past time we dismantle exclusionary zoning once and for all. On Wednesday May 26th, please join Abundant Housing LA as we converse with pioneers who are the early advocates and implementers of ending exclusionary zoning. RSVP today!

A Holistic Approach to Housing Policy

In his article “How to Build More Homes While Prioritizing Equity in Los Angeles”, UCLA Lewis Center Housing Initiative Manager Shane Phillips describes what a future with abundant housing in Los Angeles can and should look like.

The article calls for comprehensive housing reform: legalizing dense housing in affluent neighborhoods near transit and jobs, requiring affordable units in new housing, strengthening right of return and temporary assistance for displaced renters, funding a right to counsel program, and introducing a sales tax on property to fund affordable housing and homeless services. 

Instead of addressing these issues one by one, which often leads to zero-sum battles between political priorities, we need to tackle all of these issues at once. There’s no reason why housing reform can’t deliver more overall housing and stronger tenant protections and more affordable homes and more funding for affordable housing, as the Core Four of our Policy Agenda calls for.

“When we propose and debate just one idea — upzones, right to counsel, rent control reforms, new revenue sources — that idea often gets attacked as insufficient or even potentially harmful. When we tackle these and other problems all at once, together, we can gain the benefits of one approach while addressing its shortcomings with another. We can also, I hope, bring together a strong enough coalition of housing justice advocates to win the reforms we deserve.”

You can read Phillips’ post on his blog, Better Institutions, here.

Welcome to AHLA’s New Organizer, Jaime Del Rio!

Jaime is a LA native born and raised in the San Fernando Valley with a bachelor’s degree from CSUN as an Urban Planner. He joins Abundant Housing LA with over six years of Community Organizing experience organizing in marginalized communities at LA County. Previously before joining Abundant Housing LA, Jaime worked at TreePeople, where he led outreach efforts on a Need Assessment WaterTalks survey and organized on Water Equity issues. He also worked at Neighborhood Housing Services of LA County, advocating and organizing on affordable housing/homeownership and environmental justice issues. Outside Abundant Housing LA, Jaime enjoys biking at the LA River and discovering new hiking trails to hike during his free time.