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Support a Transformative Housing Element

All of us know that cities across California need to build more housing, at all levels of income, in order to meet our people’s needs and end the housing crisis. Fortunately, state law requires cities across LA County to update their “housing element” by October, to address the need for more housing in a way that furthers equity, environmental sustainability, and economic recovery. Housing elements must encourage historically high housing growth, while affirmatively furthering fair housing opportunities and undoing patterns of discrimination in housing. 

But many cities, like the City of Los Angeles, are trying to shirk their responsibility to encourage housing growth, and are creating housing elements that simply perpetuate an unfair status quo. Our cities’ leaders need to adopt high-quality housing elements that fully accord with state law and expert recommendations, and need to supplement these housing elements with forward-thinking policies that legalize housing, make housing easier to build, fund affordable housing, and strengthen tenants’ rights. 

Please tell your city’s mayor and councilmembers that you support bold housing reform through the housing element update. With your help, 2021 can be the year where we start turning the tide on the housing crisis.

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Black History Month Auction

Thanks to everyone who has bidded thus far on our action, we appreciate all of the love and support for the art. Due to the demand and the fact that our Organizing Director, Rod will be participating in a panel event on redlining in East Hollywood on March 18th, we have decided to extend the auction so that more folks can participate. The auction will now end on March 21st! Click here to see the items.

Housing 101 – An Introduction to AHLA

Want to learn more about the history of housing in Los Angeles, the facts about the housing crisis, and what we do at AHLA?

Join us for Housing 101 – Introduction to Abundant Housing LA. Great for new members who are interested in learning more, experienced members who want to deepen their understanding of housing issues, and those who are just interested in seeing what we’re all about.

Luke Klipp, our Education Director with urban and transit policy experience, will lead a presentation and discussion. 

Register here.

Housing Element Resources

Check out our new page with our Housing element Resources and letters that we’ve sent on the housing element process!