As legislators go on a break in July, it’s time for another state housing reform update. Yesterday, the Assembly and Senate held the last policy committee hearings. Bills are required to pass in order to advance to the Appropriations Committees, where they will have hearings in August.

Without further ado, here are the highest-priority reforms that will move forward:

AB 2097 waiving minimum parking mandates near transit. AB 2097 is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday, 8/1.

AB 2011 legalizing housing in commercial zones. AB 2011 prevailed at yesterday’s hearing. Hearing date in the Senate Appropriations Committee TBD.

SB 679 creating LACAHSA, a LA Countywide affordable housing financing agency. SB 679 advanced from the Assembly Housing Committee yesterday. Hearing date in the Assembly Appropriations Committee TBD.

Organizing and speaking up for these reforms in July is critical. AB 2097, for example, face a very tough hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee. We need all hands on deck to ensure legislators know these bills are important and essential – stay tuned for action opportunities from AHLA.

Sadly, a couple of bold and impactful reforms didn’t make it:

AB 2053 Social Housing Act died in the Senate Governance and Finance Committee last night.

AB 1778 divesting from freeway expansion died in the Senate Transportation Committee.

We are saddened by the failures of these good bills, but there are actions we can take to make their passage easier next time. For example, AB 2053 died because Senator Hertzberg refused to support. His seat is up for grabs in November’s general election – we will work to ensure a pro-housing legislator replace him.

Let’s get to work!