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We’re considering what comes after COVID-19. The pandemic has hit many Angelenos hard. As the LA County Board of Supervisors consider the FY 2020-2021 budget for the entire county, we’re asking them to approve funding for a trust fund that helps developers build more affordable housing.

Join us in writing these letters to your supervisor (don’t worry, the form automatically determines your sup based on your address).

And after you’ve submitted the form, be sure to click on the Facebook and Twitter icons. The more letters they receive, the louder our voice: LA needs a commitment to affordable housing. 

Ask your sup to fund affordable housing!


Coronavirus in LA: Separating Fact from Fiction

Originally published in City Observatory, this article by AHLA Director of Policy and Research dives into the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for LA County, from overcrowding to poverty and more.


New video

DID YOU KNOW? Parking is part of the problem. Parking requirements across LA mean less space for housing people, and more expensive rent and home prices for everyone. Check out our video