Abundant Housing LA has always been a member-driven organization.

Please join us to support our work at whatever level is most comfortable for you as a sustaining member moving forward.

As a 501c4 organization, donations to Abundant Housing LA are not tax deductible. Your generous donation will go to:

  • Research and analysis of potential pro-housing policies
  • Educating the public and elected officials about the benefits of more housing
  • Endorsements and political spending to support pro-housing candidates and ensure NIMBY days in office are numbered

If you would prefer to support abundant housing with a tax-deductible contribution to our sister 501c3 Abundant Housing LA Education Fund, click here. If you wish to donate only, click here. If you wish to sign up for email updates only, click here.

Note- we do not accept donations from housing developers or land use consultants. Read more about this policy here.

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We cannot transform LA’s approach to housing without a mass movement of diverse champions standing up together to change it. Please consider becoming a monthly member using the form below. 

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