You voted, and now AHLA has a new logo!

Our members, volunteers, and subscribers gave feedback as we went through the process of redesigning our logo from scratch.

First, we completely threw out our old logo, which you can see was flat and uninteresting. Worst of all, the image of the house featured in the logo did not reflect our pro-density viewpoint.

Next, we began to incorporate the feedback from our base. We heard that you wanted lots of color, mixed density, and human beings. After all, our organization isn’t really about buildings or architecture, but ensuring that everyone has a place to live. At its core, Abundant Housing LA is primarily about people and community. We needed our logo to reflect that.

We narrowed it down to a handful of top logos, which were all very different design directions.

The majority of people chose this new logo, which stood out from the rest in some key ways. The color scheme is bold and eye-catching. And it rejects the doctrine that a logo has to be simple. Instead, this logo reflects a vision for a pro-housing L.A.: Affordable, livable, and environmentally sustainable.

Thanks everyone for providing feedback and helping us choose this great logo!

We will be rolling out this new logo in the coming weeks, stay tuned.