This week’s housing updates, news, events, and local meetings. 

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AB 1401 is advancing to the Senate!

Last week, the Assembly voted YES to parking reform, 51-17. AB 1401 shattered our expectations and won the support of the majority of Assemblymembers, with 10 votes to spare. For this, we are deeply grateful for everyone who called, emailed, and tweeted. We wouldn’t have done it without you.

We also want to recognize the Assemblymembers who courageously voted for reform instead of maintaining the status quo. Despite studies after studies proving the links between parking requirements and car dependencyastronomical housing costs, and fiscal barriers to building affordable housing, and despite San Diego’s parking reform stimulated strong affordable housing growth, some remain unconvinced. 

But thanks to the Assemblymembers who voted YES on parking reform, millions of lower-income families across LA County and California now have a chance to benefit from more affordable and abundant homes close to jobs and transit. Please join us to show these Assemblymembers that we are paying attention, and we appreciate them voting for a future for the people instead of cars. 

Show support for pro-parking reform Assemblymembers!

What’s next?

AB 1401 faces important hearings in the Senate’s Government and Finance, and Appropriations Committees. Follow us on Twitter and be the first to receive updates. 

Attend Housing 101 this Saturday!

Want to learn more about the history of housing in Los Angeles, the current housing crisis, and what we do at AHLA?

Join us for Housing 101 – Introduction to Abundant Housing LA. Great for new members who are interested in learning more, experienced members who want to deepen their understanding of housing issues, and those who are just interested in seeing what we’re all about.

Luke Klipp, our Education Director with urban and transit policy experience, will lead a presentation and discussion. 

Register here.

Centering LGBTQ+ in the YIMBY movement

Housing is a deeply personal issue, especially so for the LGBTQ+ communities, who experience higher rates of homelessness, housing insecurity, and housing discrimination than their non-LGBTQ+ counterparts. Because of this, they deserve to play a central role in the YIMBY movement. But there’s more: the YIMBY movement not only advocates for housing security and justice, but also building housing in such a way that facilitates diversity, inclusion, and vibrant cultures. In other words, YIMBYs are working to create places where the LGBTQ+ communities, and other marginalized communities, can thrive. For this reason, it is imperative to reserve space in the movement to center on the needs and desires of LGBTQ+ communities.

Our superstar Education Director Luke Klipp wrote an insightful blog back in 2019 detailing his own motivations for becoming a YIMBY. This deeply personal account provides a glimpse into why the LGBTQ+ communities are a natural ally to the YIMBY movement and what they are looking for in our efforts. This is a good starting point (or reminder) to center LGBTQ+ voices in our movement to housing LA. 

Read Luke’s blog post 

In case you missed it

Watch our Ending Exclusionary Zoning panel discussion on Youtube

Our fight to end exclusionary zoning isn’t over.

Show your support for ending exclusionary zoning with a yard sign! Use the link here to purchase a sign to be sent directly to you. There are three different designs to choose from, including the one shown above. A portion of every purchase goes towards helping to support AHLA and our mission!

Click here to see the yard signs!

YIMBY Lobby Week – 6/22 to 6/24

Ready to make your voice heard in Sacramento?

Advocate for a housing-first legislative agenda by attending the YIMBY Lobby Week! Trainings will be offered on 6/10 and 6/15 – register today to secure your spot.

RSVP today for Virtual Lobby Week 2021