March 27, 2023

Contact: Max Dubler /

Abundant Housing Bill to Align Regional Housing And Transportation Planning Moves Out Of Committee

The bill will ensure housing and transportation plans’ population targets match, making it easier to secure affordable housing funding and coordinate infrastructure investment.

LOS ANGELES, CA—AB 1335, Abundant Housing’s sponsored bill to align housing and transportation planning at the regional level has passed out of committee.

Currently, regional planning for transportation and housing growth are based on different population projections. The mis-alignment in population projections means that transportation investments that would support infill housing development are not prioritized as highly as they should be. The discrepancy also increases the risk that affordable housing developments won’t be able to take advantage of state funding and permit streamlining.

Further, we do not know how well the Sustainable Communities Strategies process is working because cities are not required to report on progress toward implementing their SCSs.

AB 1335 solves these problems in two ways:

  • AB 1335 requires local governments to report annually on what actions, if any, they are taking to align their land use regulations with the applicable Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS).
  • It also requires the population change estimates in the SCS to be prepared in a similar manner to those prepared for the Regional Housing Needs Allocation.

Learn more about AB 1335 here.

Abundant Housing LA is a nonprofit pro-housing advocacy organization working to help solve Southern California’s housing crisis. We support reforms to legalize more homes, make homes easier to build, increase funding for affordable housing, and protect tenants, which are all needed to make housing more affordable, improve access to jobs and transit, promote greater environmental sustainability, and advance racial and economic equity. As a community organization, in order to maintain our independence, we do not accept financial support from housing developers or their consultants.