Last week, the California legislature hosted floor sessions in both the Assembly and the Senate, with Friday 5/27 being the deadline to pass bills out of their houses of origin. Assembly bills must have aye votes from the majority of Assemblymembers (41) in order to pass, Senate bills must get 21 aye votes. This deadline applies to bills introduced this year. While unfortunately, a couple of our favorite bills didn’t make it, many exciting and significant reforms are still on the table. Here they are:


  • Removing minimum parking mandates for areas well-served by transit (AB 2097) is our top priority – and it is alive and well. Current location: Senate.
  • Legalizing housing, especially affordable housing, in commercial zones (AB 2011) made it past the deadline. Current location: Senate
  • Divesting from unproductive and harmful freeway widening (AB 1778) advanced. Current location: Senate
  • Exempting student, staff, and faculty housing from CEQA (SB 886) prevailed. Current location: Assembly
  • Waiving parking fees and fines for the unhoused (AB 1685) is pushing forward. Current location: Senate

Two-year bills are not subject to this deadline:


  • LA County’s own affordable housing financing authority (SB 679) is still active and in the committee hearing process. Current location: Assembly

Lastly, constitutional amendments are not subject to this deadline but must pass the legislature (both houses) by 6/30 to qualify for the 11/8 General Election ballot. As such, all three constitutional amendments we are supporting remain active:


  • Repeal Article 34 requiring voter referendums to build low-income social housing (SCA 2) is active and will be heard in committees. Current location: Assembly
  • Dedicate 5% of the state’s General Fund revenues annually to affordable housing over the next decade (ACA 14) is active and in the committee hearing process. Current location: Assembly
  • Protect the right to housing for all Californians (SCA 9) is active and in the committee hearing process. Current location: Senate

Thank you for your advocacy, which helped keep pushing these reforms forward. And keep in mind the fight to end our housing crisis is a marathon not a sprint. As these bills continue to progress within the legislature, I hope we can continue to count on your action in support of housing.


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