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Action alert: no extensions for non-compliant cities!

  • Many high-opportunity cities in LA County adopted bad housing elements that will not achieve necessary housing growth, and the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has rightfully declined to certify these inadequate plans. Per last year’s AB 1398, these non-compliant cities have one year to implement rezoning plans instead of three.
  • Now, these cities are attempting to delay rezoning. They wrote to legislators and requested an extension for submitting compliant housing elements. The sole purpose of this is to avoid rezoning for new housing for as long as possible by dragging out the housing element update process. No extensions should be granted. Write to your legislators today and tell them to say no to this request!

Parking reform is back: AB 2097 (Friedman) eliminates parking mandates within a half-mile of high-quality transit. Read more

UC Berkeley may have to slash enrollment by as much as a third due to NIMBY opposition to student housing. Read more

The NIMBY local control initiative failed to qualify for November ballot. Backers say it will be back in 2024.

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