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Assembly Bill 1063 is a direct threat to housing!

It allows cities to count theoretical accessory dwelling units in their calculations of zoned capacity for housing. By doing so, it allows them to evade their actual responsibilities in building enough housing.

California is in the midst of a severe housing crisis. With so many Californians unhoused, and millions facing crippling rent burdens and overcrowding, this bill is unacceptable.

Join us in saying NO. Send a letter to your assemblymember (our tool automatically finds your rep. It takes seconds!). 

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It’s Member Appreciation Week!

Without our members, Abundant Housing LA is not Abundant Housing LA. Keep an eye on our Twitter & Instagram accounts this week as we highlight some outstanding members. 

Have you considered joining AHLA? Being a member is more important (and fun) than ever! We’re gaining ground fast in the fight for housing. The support of our members makes it all possible. And members get access to our members’ fora, which gives them a loud voice in shaping the work we do. 

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Introducing: AHLA’s new Steering Committee

We started an all-volunteer org, and we’re committed to keeping volunteers at the center of our advocacy. The Steering Committee oversee some of our most important advocacy projects, including our Project Advocacy Program, which is entirely volunteer-run.

Get to know our new SteerCo! 

Blog post: Let’s Not Limit Equity and Opportunity to L.A.’s Boulevards

Check our latest blog post: Let’s Not Limit Equity and Opportunity to L.A.’s Boulevards, written in collaboration with our friends at Pacific Urbanism!

Leonora speaks


Our own executive director Leonora Camner will be leading a break-out session at AIA|LA’s Design for Dignity event later this month! The topic: RHNA and housing element advocacy. Keep an eye on their website and our Twitter feed for an update once she’s scheduled.