Do you agree that cities should be accountable for meeting housing needs? 

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Action Alert: Support AB 215

Cities across California are about to face a major test on solving the housing crisis. By October, cities have to finalize updates to their housing elements, a roadmap for how cities will achieve a housing growth goal over the next eight years. But without stronger oversight and enforcement to ensure that housing elements are being implemented and are effective at encouraging housing production, many cities will fail to meet their target by 2029.

Assembly Bill 215, authored by housing hero Assemblymember David Chiu, essentially assigns cities a midterm exam. If cities fall behind on housing growth at the halfway mark of the housing element’s eight-year planning period, they would be required to have a midcycle housing element consultation with HCD, and would have to implement local pro-housing reforms to improve housing production in the second half of the cycle. This “midcycle adjustment” would hold cities accountable and require them to accommodate much-needed housing growth.

Tell your state legislators to support AB 215 today, so that our cities can pass the housing test with flying colors.


Housing 101 – This Weekend!

Want to learn more about the history of housing in Los Angeles, the facts about the housing crisis, and what we do at AHLA?

Join us for Housing 101 – Introduction to Abundant Housing LA. Great for new members who are interested in learning more, experienced members who want to deepen their understanding of housing issues, and those who are just interested in seeing what we’re all about.

Luke Klipp, our Education Director with urban and transit policy experience, will lead a presentation and discussion. 

Register here.

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Spotlight – AHLA volunteer Henry Feng 

Henry Fung is a pro-housing advocate, volunteer, and has been working toward a fair housing element in Alhambra! He is a civil engineer with a passion for seeing more people in homes. He is a program and budget manager for a local government agency. Some of the things he enjoys are hiking, baseball, and exploring new places. Follow him on Twitter!