Between 2011 and 2017, LA added 5.55 workers for each 1 home that was built. Restrictive zoning is the reason why.

A majority of LA renters have had to cut back on basic needs to afford rent. Many families had gone into debt just to stay sheltered.

Voters have been waiting for our elected leaders to act on homelessness and housing affordability for too long. This latest poll reflects their anger and impatience – nearly four in ten feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods because of homelessness. Over one in five considered moving. This is unacceptable.

Encouragingly, the same poll also found that the majority of LA County voters back reforms to relax restrictive zoning, such as last year’s SB 9 and SB 10.

This should be a wake-up call for our city’s leaders to reform housing now to increase production, rehouse those living on the streets, and reduce rent burden. This is the only way to end the current housing crisis and prevent homelessness in the future. More and denser housing also supports better public transit and a healthier environment.

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What is Abundant Housing LA?

Los Angeles has a crippling housing crisis.  The lack of affordability and the number of unhoused people sleeping in the streets every night (60,000 people across Los Angeles County) are a direct result of the fact that there are simply not enough homes in Los Angeles.  Rising rents bankrupt families, forcing them out of their homes. Housing is scarce near major job centers, pushing people into their cars, creating unbearable traffic and worsening climate change. The solution seems simple: build more homes all across Los Angeles. But the zoning laws in Los Angeles and much of California have restricted home building. Abundant Housing LA is a movement of over 2,000 pro-housing Angelenos who passionately care about these interconnected issues. Our solution is to educate and advocate for homes for everyone. Read our 2021 impact report here:

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