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Article 34 makes it unnecessarily difficult to build low-income housing in California by requiring its approval by voters. This anti-housing law has weaponized democracy, and perpetuated hatred, fear, and exclusion.

Finally, we have a chance to delete it from our California Constitution. State Senators Ben Allen and Scott Wiener are looking to place its repeal on the ballot this year.

Our Action Item this week is a letter to our California state senators urging them to support this proposal to place the Article 34 repeal on the ballot.


Join us in helping make California more affordable and more accessible for all.


Put Article 34 repeal on the ballot


The City of LA is answering your questions

The Housing Element identifies LA’s housing conditions and needs, and helps establish City’s housing strategy for 2021 to 2029.

The City of LA Planning Commission are hosting a series of Webinars with a live Q&A for you to engage with Housing Element Staff directly. Find one and RSVP here.


New installment: Lessons from a Pandemic

“Just over a century ago, Los Angeles was hit by the global influenza pandemic, experiencing two waves of deaths and closures in late 1918 and early 1919. 

How did these periods of infection and quarantine impact the city’s housing?” 

Check out the second in our blog series from Mark Vallianatos. 


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