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once again, we’re advocating for homeless Angelenos. They’re among the most vulnerable in our city, especially during a serious health crisis such as this one.

And there are nearly sixty thousand of them. 

Our Mid-Week Action Alert is part of Project Roomkey: “a collaborative effort by the State, County and the City of Los Angeles to secure hotel and motel rooms to provide a way for neighbors who don’t have a home to heed the County Health Order to stay inside and be protected from the spread of Coronavirus.”

We’re letting our county and state leaders know that we stan this effort! Sending this short letter sends a big message: yes, unhoused people need and deserve this shelter right now. 


Say YES PLEASE to hotels for the unhoused



We’re listed!

LA2050 is an initiative driving progress toward a shared vision for LA. We’re in the running for a big grant in the coming months. Check out our listing and keep an eye out for a chance to vote for us in a few weeks!

Party topics: Overcrowding

Overcrowding is not density.

Density is not overcrowding.

Check out our latest blog on the subject, from our intern Alex Waggoner. And do us a favor: share it. People seem to still be confused. 

Wednesday Wisdom: LA: “Yes in My Backyard!” with Luke Klipp

TONIGHT our education director Luke Klipp will be talking about the long history of policies that discriminate and hold back supply, as well as where de-regulation or so-called “upzoning” can promote housing affordability. Join the conversation. 


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