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Anti-housing “advocates” say that YIMBYs are self-interested developer shills.


Those who want to keep our neighborhoods exclusionary, expensive, and segregated are often the loudest voices in the room. They send the message to our elected leaders that building more housing is the wrong thing to do. 

But we’re registering some solid pro-housing wins. And we want to the thank the housing heroes in office who have voted against exclusionary zoning and in support of housing for all. 

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Big event energy

Join us and our friends at Schools & Communities First and Reimagine LA for a panel event next Wednesday, 5:30-7 pm. Sign up with one click here.


Leonora panel star

Our executive director will be joining the American Institute of Architects California’s Urban Design Committee “for a series of relevant conversations at the intersection of public health and urban design as we look to the future of urban living beyond the pandemic.” 

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New slogan for a leading organization

We’re on the move. Abundant Housing LA is leading the pro-housing movement for LA, so we chose a new slogan to reflect that! Thanks to our members for their input, and thanks to you for being a supporter. Exciting new things are on the way.


AHLA Researches 🔍

Our Policy and Research team took an in-depth look at the RHNA process in Glendale. The research is fascinating. Check it out here.