LA is a great place to live. Thousands of people move here every month from across the world. Some move here for our diverse economic opportunities, some to find a better life than they had elsewhere, and some for SoCal’s climate and natural beauty. As long as there are people who want to make LA their home, for whatever reason, we strive to provide enough homes for all of them. To do this, we need abundant housing of all types, from smaller apartment buildings and garage apartments in established neighborhoods to downtown skyscrapers to single-family housing.

When LA has enough homes to accommodate all those who wish to live here, housing will be more affordable across the entire housing market. However, there will always be a need to provide for those who need it most. Public subsidy should be focused on those most in need, using proven programs to help the very-low income and the homeless.

Abundant Housing LA owes a debt to AURA, which advocates for better housing and transportation policies in Austin, for defining the concept of abundant housing.