Abundant Housing LA has previously supported many housing projects on the local level. Our projects-by-projects advocacy helps get thousands of new housing units built, and changes the conversation on housing throughout the County.

But when so much time passes, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of where these projects are in the process, and how close they are to being constructed.

Here is an update on some of these projects!

  1. 456 W. 9th Street
    The project was presented to multiple Neighborhood Councils last month and is going through the approvals process. The Planning Commission approved the project and it is moving on to the full city council.
  2. Santa Monica and Barrington Mixed Use Project
    The Draft EIR was published for this project with a start date as early as Fall 2019 with a two year construction buildout. The project would have 20 units set aside as affordable housing.
  3. 2136-2140 Westwood Boulevard
    This project had a slight hiccup in January when a group tried to appeal the project. The LA City Council denied the appeal and allowed the project to continue moving through the approvals process. The project is five stories and has 77 units which is a slight upgrade from
    the previous entitlements which called for 64 units.
  4. 10247 North Variel Avenue
    This project is a three story 32 unit proposed apartment complex that is expected to take out two single family homes in Chatsworth. As of May 2nd, 2019 the Planning Commission recommended that this project should be approved.
  5. 253 S. Los Robles
    There was a public hearing for this project on September 19, 2018. This project has been exempt from CEQA because it is an adaptive reuse project. No word on if Pasadena has approved the project as of yet.
  6. 8615 West Knoll Drive
    This five story, ten unit apartment building has been approved by the West Hollywood Design Review Subcommittee and is waiting for the next phase of approval. The project would replace a single family home.
  7. 8555 Santa Monica Ave.
    This project which is currently up for approval on the West Hollywood City Council and is expected to raze a series of small commercial and residential buildings to create a five story building featuring 95 units and parking for 328 vehicles. The project was approved by the West Hollywood Planning Commission in November.
  8. 11701 Gateway Blvd.
    This five story 73 unit building would replace a small shopping center and had its application filed last June with the City of LA Planning Dept. It would have 6 units reserved for very low income households and parking for 83 vehicles with commercial space on the ground floor.
  9. 6400 Sunset Blvd.
    A 28 story residential tower would replace Amoeba Records which would be moving to a different location in Hollywood. This was first proposed in 2017 and has been extremely controversial with preservationists who want to save the Amoeba Records building. According to an initial study published in 2017, the tower is supposed to begin construction in mid 2019 and finish up in 2021.